About Mandala Care

Professionalism and Experience


Nancy Berg will assess and create a custom health and medical plan that's right for you. Nancy has spent many years in family medicine, emergency medicine and urgent care, and would love to keep her patients from having to go to an ER if possible. Having lived and taught English in Japan, traveled all over the Pacific Rim and Asia, she appreciates and loves our human diversity. For Nancy Berg, it is not only her medical background, but also life lessons learned traveling and along the way that make her a compassionate, highly skilled healing professional. She is actively involved with theater, with her son who is involved in the Arts, and the LGBTQ community and is a welcoming provider. These and other life experiences have helped shape Nancy Berg into an empathetic and worldly person, able to relate to others from all walks of life and on all levels. 

A Healer Who Cares


Nancy Berg is a healer who cares. She will not only treat your existing conditions, but will also work with you to prevent illnesses, minimize your risk of disease, and incorporate joy into your routine. Ms. Berg takes into account all aspects of a person's life that is keeping them from healing their bodies and spirits. Those who feel disenfranchised from the current state of medical care are encouraged to come and be whole. She will happily coordinate care with specialists and other allied health professionals to assist in taking care of all of your needs. The primary reason she started Mandala Care Clinic is to spend more time with patients! If you would like to have someone on your side, call Nancy Berg today!


Why see a PA?


Nancy is a proud Physician Assistant (PA), a profession that was formed in 1965. PA's are uniquely trained as medical generalists being able to adapt to many different practice settings. PAs are able change medical specialties within their career, and thus can have experience in many specialties.  Physician Assistants train in many similar rotations as medical students and come out with an appreciation of all medical specialties. Working with a collaborating physician, PAs are able to assess patients, diagnose, form a plan, and continually grow in knowledge and independence.  Additionally, PAs have hundreds of hours of health care experience prior to professional schooling. Nancy Berg has 23+ years of experience as a PA and 4+ years prior to medical school in physical therapy as a technician. Ms. Berg does have a collaborating physician as a mentor and colleague, as required by law.