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I am worried about the costs in an out-of-network clinic and provider. Can you explain your billing?

Not knowing the costs and worrying about the bill are understandable and normal concerns for patients. What you should know is that Mandala Care prices are competitive with and often cheaper than other Primary Care Clinics in our area. Not only that, you will also have direct access to your healer without the run-around. There is a 30% discount on your care when you pay at the time of service. 

How Does Mandala Primary Care Bill for Services?

Mandala Care is a fee-for-service clinic, an out-of-network primary care clinic, which allows us to spend as much time with patients that they need. If you would like to submit a claim form, a superbill of your visit is provided. An outside biller is available to help you with this if desired. 

Mandala Care does not accept Medicare or Medicaid due to regulatory burdens and excess paperwork needed for reimbursement. 

You Are Paying For Your Care

Another consideration to think about is your deductible. Most insurance plans have a fairly hefty yearly deductible. This can range anywhere from a couple of thousands of dollars to well over $10,000. You are paying for all of your health care until your deductible is reached. Since you pay until your deductible is reached, why not see whom you want and get the very best care? 

What if I don't have any insurance?

Mandala Care clinic will see anyone for medical consultation and care despite insurance status. Payment plans, discounts, and bartering goods or services are other ways to make payment. I recommend some form of insurance for unforeseen serious accidents or illnesses, hospitalizations and other needs that cannot be met in an out-patient primary care office.

What happens in a medical emergency or need to see a specialist?

In an emergency patients should call 911 or seek emergency care at a hospital. Urgent needs such as stitches, evaluating whether or not a bone is broken, evaluations after a car accident, and whether or not a higher level of care is needed are situations appropriate for you to discuss either on the phone or with an office visit. Regular preventative care will help you avoid many emergency visits. Mandala Care Primary Care Clinic will refer you to a specialist when you have a condition that is difficult to either manage or diagnose by a general practitioner. However, many stable, long-term conditions can be managed by primary care. 

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