I can't say enough great things about Nancy Berg. I first became a patient in 2016 when I began to struggle with anxiety and wanted to get serious about weight loss. The moment that Nancy stepped into the room, I felt important. She took the time to listen and look into my past medical history to gain a better understanding of how to support me on my journey to wellness. I have never been a good patient often getting frustrated with the process, but Nancy took time to understand my concerns and followed up the entire way to ensure that I would be successful. She has taken the time to answer all of my questions and provide the right next steps to empower me to take control of my health. I have never experienced such a caring health care provider who is not only a partner in creating a treatment plan to fit me, but also someone who provides encouragement to ensure success. 



Nancy Berg has been so helpful to me. Sometimes I would feel like I was a number or "minutes" and did not feel like anyone cared. When I started to get my care from Nancy that all changed. She would explain things, so I could understand what I needed to know. After a check-up she would call later to check on me to see how I was feeling. When I need to be seen at the [clinic], I always ask for Nancy. She is a very caring person and takes pride in what she does. [No one] measures up to the quality of care she gives me.



I am honored to write this on behalf of Nancy Berg. In September, 2017, I decided that it was time to find a primary care [provider]. I have always had an irrational fear of going to the doctor and had not been in over 10 years. I was having a "milestone" birthday and figured I was way past due. Of course, I worked myself up to think that I was dying and had everything under the sun wrong with me. Thank goodness, this was not the case. I had blood pressure issues that Nancy and I have worked through, together, and am happy to say I am back to normal readings. Nancy never gave up and we kept trying different medications and doses until we found what was right for me. Nancy makes me feel comfortable every visit, right away. She intently listens to me and calms my fears. 




I Trust Nancy Berg Without Question. I have never made such physical gains in my health under any health care provider. I can’t emphasize how lucky I am to be under Nancy's care.



Nancy took me in at another practice as a drop-in patient when I was having chest pain, and lead me through the diagnosis (had me sent in for a stat scan) and aftercare of a pulmonary embolism. I came in trying to downplay my pain and without her direction it likely would have gone untreated. Nancy was very caring, informative, and a great help in a scary and unexpected situation. I highly recommend her.

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